One from the archives / “Winter” reduction linocut



Multi-block, Reduction linocut

Edition of 23

27cm x 39.5cm

Printed in 2013 at Edinburgh Printmakers

on Saunders Waterford HP 190gsm paper

Available for sale here


The “Winter” linocut is based on a B&W photograph of Geiko (geisha) Kayo dressed in winter clothes ready for a snowy day.

I produced this linocut at the request of my partner Eleni who really liked the striking look of the draped and seated Geiko Kayo. The colours are guessed and my choosing them is on an aestetic basis.

The whole printing process was done at Edinburgh Printmakers on a hydraulic platten press with oil based inks, over the course of a couple of months. The later layers took longer to dry due to Scotland’s cold and wet climate and of course the build up of the previous layers.



“Winter” was my first linocut with at least 10 layers. It was made out of two blocks, one for the reds and the final dark outlines



and one for the blues, yellows and greens